The whole counsel of God concerning everything essential for his own glory and man’s salvation, faith, and life is either explicitly stated or by necessary inference contained in the Holy Scriptures.”(2LBCF 1.6) This great truth compels us to take up the Scriptures and read. This year we are introducing READ TOGETHER.

READ TOGETHER is a resource that walks you through the scriptures in a daily reading plan format. We are asking everyone that calls Renovation and Covenant Church home to join with us as we read the Scriptures together. People often say they don’t regularly engage the Bible because they don't know what to read. This plan provides a pathway to slowly make your way through God’s Word. In addition, you are reading through it with your brothers and sisters in Christ. This provides opportunities for us to discuss the Scriptures together, seek understanding, and encourage one another with the passages we all have been reading. Please join us as we READ TOGETHER.

Audio Bibles & Daily Devotionals

Here are a couple of great resources that follow along with our reading plan

Read the Bible Daily Devotional

This daily devotional Bible commentary follows the M’Cheyne Yearly Bible Reading Plan. Read or listen to the passages and then explore the devotional commentary and related resources for deeper study.

Click here to Listen

ESV: M'Cheyne Reading Plan

An audio Bible that follows along with our reading plan.

Click here to listen